vrijdag 10 februari 2012

The Artists: Willum Geerts

Willum Geerts

Within the context of my multidisciplary work I share my astonishment about our absurd everyday life and ask the viewer to re-address the complex world around us. I enlarge the banal by isolating it from its regular context, mixing it with apparent opposites and by adding dramatic, theatrical elements to it.
The extreme amount of possibilities offered by our present society, overwhelms, frightens, fascinates and inspires at the same time, together with the enormous flow of information poured over us daily by the various media.
My focus lies especially on the various ways we, as collective, try to handle this complexity on different levels.
On the one hand we create this complexity through ingenious, manipulative strategies and mechanisms, as by commercial business and politics. Archetypes, cliches, entertainment, artificiality and predefined structures form the powdered wool that is pulled continiously over our eyes.
On the other hand is the individual that deals with this chaos of constant impulses and tries to canalize these by conforming, losing oneself in material solace or falling into conditioned behavior. With superficiality, alienation, passiveness and banalities as a result.
I identify but do not judge, I leave that to the viewer. I consciously don’t take sides. Every position has its own inherent qualities. Based on the social psychological phenomenon that occur, I step into the spin doctor’s costume, the other moment into the one property of the party-pooping nihilist.

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